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Weekly Standing Rides

  • Standing rides repeat weekly and do not go on our event calendar.
  • Oftentimes riders simply show up and there's a ride.
  • Check Facebook or call, text, or email the ride leader to confirm it's on.
  • Rides marked with * are not PBA-sanctioned rides. Please don't let that stop you if it's a good pace for you.
  • Release forms, why and where do they go?

Additions and corrections to this page: please contact John Bright:
cell: 757-812-1909

  • A pace: 18-22 mph rolling speed

  • B pace: 15-17 mph rolling speed

  • C pace: 11-14 mph rolling speed

  • Casual: Up to 11 mph (group will wait for all cyclists)

  • + or - indicates the ride will be either at the top end or bottom end of pace range 

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Helmets Required

Summer Standing Rides  are held from April thru September except as noted.
Check also the year-round rides further down the page.


  • York Hall at 301 Main St, Yorktown, parking lot behind building is 116 Church Street.
    6:00 pm For 2017 this ride starts on March 20 and rolls at 5:45 for the first few weeks.
    5:45 pm for the first few weeks in the Spring and in the Fall when the days are shorter. 
    Weather updates posted to Back Alley Ride Facebook group.
    Does not occur on Labor Day Monday, see Back Alley Ride Facebook group for alternate ride earlier in the day.
    Join us for a 27 mile A pace ride to York Point and Dandy Loop. We regroup at major stops. This is perhaps the friendliest A ride you will find.
    Brian Utne, cell: 757-849-3074, blutne@gmail.com.
    Updated 03/19/2017

Tuesdays / Thursdays:


    • 6:00 pm, changes to 5:30 pm in September - Todd Stadium at 12465 Warwick Blvd in Newport News: C+ pace ride, basically 14+ mph rolling but no one dropped. We do about 20 miles similar to the Squirrel Scalper route -- Deep Creek, Maxwell Gardens, Hidenwood, Riverside, Lions' Bridge, Warwick on the James, Brandon Heights, Hilton Village and back through the Mariner's Museum and CNU. Contact John Bright, cell: 757-812-1909.
      Updated 03/19/2017.
      • 6:00 pm, changes to 5:30 pm in September - York General District Courthouse parking lot at 304 Ballard St, Yorktown - two rides:
        • Ride length and pace depend upon group - no one dropped.
          John Parker, cell: 757-898-7147. If you would like to learn how to ride in a group call John Parker.
          Bill Monroe, landline: 757-868-9242
          Charlie Park, cell: 757-898-0890
          Updated 03/21/2017.
        • * 28 mile ride to include York Point and Dandy Loop. Traditionally a B pace in April and then faster as the group gets stronger through the summer. As of 08/2017 there are A and Race Pace groups.
          Updated 08/10/2017.


      • * 5:30 pm - ref Tuesdays / Thursdays above.
      • 6:00 pm May thru August
        5:30 pm in April and September
        York Hall at 301 Main St, Yorktown, parking lot behind building is 116 Church Street
        A pace, 25 to 30 miles.
        Contact Randy Howell, cell: 757-876-1476, rhowell4@me.com
        Updated 04/29/2017.
      • 6:00 pm
        Chickahominy Riverfront Park
        28 mile A and B pace ride to the West of the Chickahominy river with potential for a concurrent C pace ride.
        Contact TBD. Check PBA and WRC Facebook.
        Updated 03/28/2017.

      Please arrive 15 minutes early.

      Helmets Required

      Winter Standing Rides

      * Monday thru Thursday 5:30 pm - The Kiln Creek Riding Experience

      This ride happens during Winter when it's too dark after work for the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Back Alley Ride Summer rides which are on rural roads.
      Clockwise on the Kiln Creek Loop, 3.3 miles per lap, 6 - 12 Laps.
      Parking available at Kiln Creek Park2901 Kiln Creek Pkwy 23693.
      Start about 5:30 pm. Feel free to start earlier or later, it takes about 10 minutes to complete a lap so joining in is easy.
      Front and rear lights required.
      Back Alley Ride Facebook 
      Updated 03/20/2017

      Year-Round Standing Rides

      * Mon/Wed/Fri, 6:15 am - The Squirrel Scalpers Ride from Panera Bread at Christopher Newport University, 12368 Warwick Blvd 23606.
      Several groups, B to A+ pace, 22 mile loop regroups after for bagels & coffee. Meets only when temperature is above 40 degrees and roads are dry. Lights required on all bikes by law during low light conditions in the spring and fall. Contact Rod Martin, home: 757-930-8345, work: 757-833-0096.
      Squirrel Scalpers Facebook
      Updated 03/20/2017.

      * Monday thru Friday, 11:30 am - Fort Eustis Cycling Facebook group, meet between Anderson Field House and Lee Boulevard. Photo ID to get on base and proof of auto insurance if you drive on.
      Updated 09/01/2016

      * Wednesdays, 5:00 pm
      Village Bicycles, 9913 Warwick Blvd 23601
      23 mile B pace ride 40°F and up. Contact Connie at the shop: 757-595-1333.
      Updated 03/20/2017

        * Thursdays, 8:30 pm
        BikeBeat Kiln Creek
        Misery Loves Company Ride. 8 to 10 laps around Kiln Creek. All paces are welcome, although the group may split according to pace. Headlights and tail lights required. Ride cancels in the event of rain. Contact Chris Scales at the shop: 757-833-0096.
        Updated 03/20/2016.


        • * 7:30 am
          BikeBeat Kiln Creek
          40+ miles, A+ race training pace. Contact Chris Scales at the shop: 757-833-0096.
          Updated 03/20/2017.

        • * 8:00 am or 9:00 am, check Back Alley Ride Facebook, varies with daylight or weather or something.
          Washington Square Shopping Center
          5336 George Washington Memorial Highway
          Grafton, VA  23692
          Informal A pace road cycling ride. Meet behind Taco Bell. Pace generally 19-22 mph. Just show up and ride!
          Back Alley Ride Facebook
          Updated 03/20/2017.

        • * 8:00 am
          Glazed Doughnuts, 24 Wine St, Hampton, VA 23669
          A or B pace but no one dropped, 12 to 25 miles, weather permitting. This is a Conte's Newport News Ride. Contact Jeffrey Sheffield at the shop: 757-234-0542.
          Updated 06/18/2016.
        • * 8:00 am
          Village Bicycles, 9913 Warwick Blvd 23601. Extra parking on Rivermont Drive.
          25 mile A pace ride 40°F and up. (They warm up to Maxwell Lane, then you'll see 23 mph on Warwick Blvd to Boxley Blvd, then down Colony road and back to the shop.) Contact Connie at the shop: 757-595-1333.
          Updated 09/17/2017.
        • * 8:30 am (they generally roll at 8:45 - 9:00 am but they asked us to post it as 8:30)
          Village Bicycles, 9913 Warwick Blvd 23601.  Extra parking on Rivermont Drive.
          25 mile A+ pace ride. (They warm up to Maxwell Lane, then you'll see 26 mph on Warwick Blvd to Boxley Blvd, then down Colony road and back to the shop.) Contact Walter at the shop: 757-595-1333.
          Updated 09/17/2017.


        • * 09:00 am
          Mariner's Museum Parking Lot in Newport News
          Every Sunday, weather permitting, join Conte's Bike Shop at the Mariners' Museum parking lot for a fun and casual ride to Hilton Village and back. 

          This is a beginner-friendly, no-drop ride open to all ages, bicycles, and riding styles. The route is about 8 miles on neighborhood streets with low traffic, with a short break at Hilton Elementary, at a conversational pace of 10 to 14 miles per hour. If you're new to group riding or just looking for a casual social ride, we hope to see you there! 

          Contact Conte's Bike Shop: 757-234-0542, Conte's Newport News Facebook page.
          Updated 02/18/20187.

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